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We make logistics work for you.

We are dedicated to providing warehousing, distribution and added value solutions for merchandise and projects under Free Regime, Public Deposit and Distribution Centers.

We integrate all logistics solutions.

We are a Colombian company specialized in the management and consultancy of warehousing, distribution and packaging of merchandise.


Founded in 1941, Roldán Logística has grown alongside Colombia, helping to transform and modernize the country through large logistics projects. Thanks to our 80 years of experience in the national and international market, we offer a portfolio of comprehensive solutions that include not only national and international transportation and warehousing, but also customs operations, legal consulting, cargo insurance and development of logistics projects for great complexity

Roldán & Company Certifications.




Logistic Services Free Zone Certifications



Reports to our ethics line

Help us identify actions or situations that do not reflect our values or that compromise the transparency of our operation.

Roldán Logistics responsabilidad social corporativa


We understand that transforming Colombia requires more than excellence in logistics and international trade, that is why we develop solidarity support projects aimed at vulnerable populations in the country.

  • We promote Health through foundations that support low-income people who go through processes of cancer, terminal and degenerative diseases.

  • We promote Education through foundations that promote education among people with low resources, and elementary, high school and college levels with specialties of high impact to the country.

  • We promote personal development through foundations that promote internal growth and values.

  • We promote Housing through foundations and housing construction projects for low-income people.



Responsibility with the environment is a fundamental value for Roldán Logistics, we seek actions and opportunities for improvement that allow, from the development of our activities, to contribute to the protection and care of the environment; promoting compliance with internal policies, supporting the application of a preventive approach and adopting initiatives in which we take greater responsibility.

Bearing this commitment in mind, we manage our business in a way that allows the creation of economic and social value by efficiently using natural resources in accordance with our environmental management plan, as well as implementing the processes that allow us to identify and assess our environmental impact.

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